Xela Zaid at Honky Tonk Oddity 7/11/14

radio,vocals from the experimental live score loves…
straight from above love so over it babe he who walks alive thrown across a night sky he who walks alone soars imagine in love eyes so i could sleep on mine before you wake fall onto you i could play the right schemes otherwise a day dreams forever likeness eyes so bright its frightening the light could be your own since i can’t sleep alone





this week’s new entry is XELA ZAID, another interesting weirdo from Miami (US)_ 

according to miaminewtimes.com:
"Xela Zaid has been lurking on the Miami music scene longer than some regular local musicians have been on Earth. More important, in that time his music has grown ever more subversively brilliant, finding an increasingly vital, comfortable niche in Dade’s noise underground. Lest you accuse Zaid of diving off some musical deep end, he’s maintained a characteristic sound that has never strayed far from his distinctive style. From writing catchy songs in his early years (before he decided to spell his name backward) to his current experiments in ambient dissonance, Zaid remains an original. He’s never been one to take any instrument at face value; early experiments included shoving a mike into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar and inventing a unique tuning for the instrument. His strums conjure the aural illusion of a spectral bassist accompanying his hushed, raspy voice…”

listen & download….it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!